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About BizzyBitz

Bizzy Bitz was invented by Mr Alta and Mrs Rachel Fogel who have both been working with children for over 25 years.

Why did we decide to invent yet another construction toy in an already competitive market?

Having observed children of various ages and abilities playing with the various construction toys currently available we noted both the educational and play value of each  individual toy system (as well as their gaps).

Based on this research, we invented a universal, totally innovative ball and socket style system, which we named Bizzy Bitz.

Bizzy Bitz pieces come in an assortment of colours and shapes. They are medium sized, easy grip, and are flexible yet sturdy. They are easy to assemble and to take apart.

Although Bizzy Bitz was created for children, many adults enjoy the challenges which Bizzy Bitz offers, thus making it the ideal toy for the parent to play together with the child.

Bizzy Bitz affords hours of entertainment and pleasure for kids as each time they play they will be hit with new inspirational and more sophisticated ideas.

Bizzy Bitz is a unique and worthwhile toy which enriches the lives of those who use it. Its teaching element goes completely unnoticed in the pure joy of creating.

Bizzy Bitz has won awards from the Good Toy Guide, Practical Pre-school, Rainbow Awards and the Creative Play Award.

"The Bizzy Bitz toys inspired the children to make many different things and they formed their own designs unaided. Some of the things created included a caterpillar, a necklace and a bridge. The pieces are brightly coloured and the element of flexibility is a great feature. The possibilities are endless and it is a brilliant toy for creative minds. It was very appealing to the children."

Practical Pre-School Awards tester's comment (Gold Award)

BIZZY BITZ! Guaranteed to keep your children busy!.