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Bizzy Bitz: It's what you make of it...

Bizzy Bitz:  offers a patented range of cool and addictive construction toys using a simple ball and socket connection.
They are incredibly fun and delightful to play with, as well as powerful educational and developmental tools.

The Bizzy Bitz system is totally open-ended and presents infinite play possibilities, coutesy of the many different shapes.

The Bizzy Bitz 500pc Set includes: 500 pieces comprising of square tiles, circular tiles, triangles, rods, wheels, window pieces, smiley faces, curved tiles, quadrants, rectangular tiles and circular connectors.
 Bizzy Bitz 500pc comprises many more different shapes  than the Beginner's Building Set and by introducing more suitable tile proportions, the Original set can provide engrossing fun for the growing child.
The child can easily and confidently make his/her own recognizable models with this set, such as vehicles - including tractors and working lorries - airplanes, animals, household goods and playground toys.
This set's entertainment opportunities are absolutely endless, and children will grow and improve their skills each time they play with the Bizzy Bitz.
Their confidence and sense of achievement will be evident each time they discover something new they can do with the Bizzy Bitz.

The educational benefits for the growing child include:


  • Develops imagination
  • Problem solving skills
  • Develops brainpower
  • Enhances concepts of balance
  • Explore movement, leading Experiment with early mechanical and techno skills

 highly acclaimed by OFSTED inspectors


Bizzy Bitz presents a delightful paradox:

As many pieces as the child has, it will never be enough for him or her, yet with any handful of pieces, one can make hundreds of smart models.

Join the Bizzy Bitz Club and submit your own original creations.



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